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Are you trying to find the guide to using Mendeley on an Android device?

Mendeley Advisor Program

Help us spread the word across the globe

Become an Advisor

Join the global network of over 2,200 Mendeley Advisors! Our Advisors range from students to professors in nearly every continent. (We’re coming for you Antarctica.) Advisors can choose how they want to participate and the Advisor program is designed to fit around your work schedule - not the other way around.

to apply to the advisor program

Resources and teaching

Ready-to-use presentations, templates, posters, videos and a lot of useful stuff including tips and tricks about teaching

Popular Questions

Do I get paid to promote Mendeley?

No, this is not a paid position. However, we offer tons of fantastic Mendeley Advisor perks including: a premium plan, merchandise, and support in your outreach efforts, among many other benefits.

Do I have to present results once I become an Advisor?

The Advisor Community has grown from passionate and organic Mendeley enthusiasts and it wouldn’t make sense to demand results from our Advisors. However, we would love to receive photos and feedback from your activities.

Does it cost to be a Mendeley Advisor?

No! We value the Mendeley Advisors and the worth you bring to us here at Mendeley. We’d have to weigh you all in gold, and that would bankrupt us.

So how do I get great Mendeley merchandise?

Just ask us! If you register a presentation, we will send enough for you and your attendees:

I've submitted an Advisor or Events application but haven't received a reply, was it rejected?

We take the time to personally look at all applications and expect to reply within 1 week of submission, and we always answer in case of rejection. However, if it is urgent, or you are still waiting, just email us at

Will you pay for food/travel/room fees?

We can help out with some expenses on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at to discuss these expenses before you make arrangements.

Become an Advisor

And have a slick Advisor badge on your Mendeley profile!

How you get involved

Invite your friends and colleagues to join your Mendeley network

Organize and lead Mendeley demos and presentations

Educate others about Mendeley and our mission

Ensure Mendeley is represented on your Library or Society website

Help us learn about the needs of your Institution

Spread the word locally, using posters and flyers, and onlline via blogs and discussions

Mobilize your campus or local user communities

Participate in Usability Testing

How we support you

Mendeley's premium features free of charge

A leadership role on campus as our representative

The chance to connect with other passionate Advisors from around the globe

To be the first to learn about what's going on at Mendeley

VIP access to new features before they're public

Pizza and drinks on us when you give a demo or talk at your institution

Loads of free Mendeley merchandise (T-shirts, pens, stickers, etc.)

Access to our London Researcher Hub

Community Team


Jessica Reeves

Head of User Engagement
To start, it's my dream job! I have the opportunity to work with almost every team within Mendeley for the sole benefit of providing a valuable tool for our users so you can change the world of science.

Joao Bernardino

Insights Marketing Manager
My role on the Community Team is a series of fun and challenging tasks that makes me understand our Mendeley community and how we can better support you.

Shruti M. Desai

Community Relations
I actually have the best job at Mendeley, because my role is work with Advisors and other Mendeley users! My unofficial title is Storyteller, and I try to connect the hows and whys of research to help our team develop Mendeley to suit researcher needs. Follow me on Twitter @inothernews.

Paul Tavner

Education Resources Manager
I love helping people make the most of Mendeley. I'm responsible for creating and updating our guides and resources. Get in touch if you have any suggestions or requests! I'm also on Twitter: @ptavner

Jonathan Beyer

Community Engagement
Hey what's up??