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If you enjoy using Mendeley and think it could be of use to colleagues or other people at your school or institution, hosting a presentation is a great way to help spread the word. To make life easier, we’ve put together a collection of materials designed to help you present Mendeley like a pro.

Mendeley Presentation 2015/16 - Including presenter notes
Mendeley Blank Slides - Use to make your own presentation
Plan, Promote, Present - A presentation checklist
Mendeley Fact Sheet - One-sided version
Mendeley Fact Sheet - Two-sided version
Mendeley Participation Certificate - Can be issued to workshop attendees
Mendeley Logo - For use in presentations or other materials

Videos & Webinars

Quickly learn how to use Mendeley’s features with these short videos

A quick tutorial on how to import documents and references into your library.

A walk through the Mendeley interface and how to organize documents within your library.

How to install and generate citations with our MS Word and LibreOffice Plug-ins.

How to teach

If you’re presenting a session on Mendeley, it’s worth preparing beforehand. These three simple steps will help make your event a success. Remember - we love to hear how your sessions have gone, so please give feedbackgive us some feedback after you’re done.



The best presentations take into account their audience learning styles, the timing of the event based on academic year or schedules, and booking the best possible space for your needs. Also, think about how best to present the information. As a presentation, or a workshop? A demo or a webinar?



Register your event and we'll advertise your listing on our events page and send you a link to share and an opportunity to invite people to your event. If you register a minimum of 10 days before your event, you will also have the opportunity to request posters and other merchandise for your event.



Practice at least once and think ahead of time of questions you might encounter. On the day of your presentation, take a deep breath...and know you'll do great! You're a Mendeley Advisor!